Imagine what you could do

if you had a Clinical Pathologist in your hospital.

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Introducing Scopio Labs

The first end-to-end Digital Cytology System for Veterinary featuring high-resolution digital microscopy sent to a global network of Certified Veterinary Clinical Pathologists who provide results in minutes

One Platform: Two Microscopy  Based Diagnostic Pathways

Remote ClinPath

Send digital slides to a network of Certified Clinical Pathologists, standing by to review and sign-off in minutes

  • Rapid <1min scan and case setup

  • 24/7 Clinical Pathology coverage

  • Results in minutes

  • Professional report

Clinical Computer Vision Tools

Scopio has developed cutting edge AI algorithms which analyze images to assist in tedious diagnostic techniques such as cell differentials.

  • Tools seamlessly integrated with the slide scanning process to produce fast and accurate results

  • Tedious cell differentials and counts performed in seconds

  • Results and representative images attached to report

Digital Cytology - The Future Of Veterinary Diagnostics


High cost per sample due to logistics and overhead

1-5 day turn around time

Disconnect between hospital staff & ref lab



Lower overhead = Cost savings

  • DVMs will recommend critical diagnostics more frequently, knowing results will be timely

  • Pet owners accept diagnostic recommendations more frequently

Expert results in minutes

  • Provide answers to pet owners & start treatment right away

  • Identify the need to resample right away vs. days later

Close collaboration between techs, DVMs & Pathologists

  • Fully engage the experts in the diagnostic process

  • Expert feedback and annotations creates a rich learning environment for hospital staff

What Makes Scopio Labs Unique?

The only high-resolution slide scanning device in the world, which ensures every sample is imaged at diagnostic resolution and quality (most cases require 100X magnification)

The only true end-to-end system brings together proprietary hardware and software, built from the ground-up for the unique needs of the veterinary hospital

Smart interface includes rapid setup that requires minimal

tech time, and a dynamic communication system that delivers insights to your team in real time


For High Quality Diagnostics, high resolution slide scanning is essential

and 20X-40X imaging solutions just don’t cut it. 

It is widely known that oil immersion level resolution (100X magnification) is required for adequate diagnosis of Blood, Body Fluids, Fine Needle Aspirates, and other cytologic samples – to evaluate nuclear and cytoplasmic detail in cells, as well as various forms of bacteria and other organisms. 

Scopio is the only high resolution slide scanning solution on the market.


View this side-by-side comparison of Scopio 100X image to the image of 20X slide scanner

Image scanned with the Scopio Digital Cytology System

Image scanned with other available slide scanners


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